Thursday, December 3, 2009

Land Speeder WIP

Recent projects; with my busy schedule lately I've been only successful in squeezing limited time for hobby projects. As I can't do much, I thought might as well take things slow and really concentrate on each element of the hobby, and make the best of it. I was putting together my Land Speeder Kit and was thinking of how to have interchangeability between the turret mounted heavy bolter/multi melta. It then occurred to me that the turret operator for a rhino/razorback kit share the similar parts as the land speeder kit. With the many bitz available, I managed to put together the turret weapons with the torsos have have these 2 assembled parts interchangeable.

On a separate note, I've decided to pick up Space Wolves. Yes, yours truly has decided to drink from the Cup of Wulfen. I've just started the blog-page not too long ago and hopefully I'll fill it up quick enough to make it interesting. It's a WIP page and will need more improvement on it soon