Saturday, August 1, 2009

4th Company Ultramarines Progress

Progress of my army - At the moment, I've assembled and base-coated most of my infantry for the Ultramarines army.The 2 battleforces with a OOP devastator squad and a terminator squad and a razorback and an additional assault marine kit set produces lots of parts to produce 2 scouts team of 7 men each, 3 tactical teams with rhino transport (one which has exchangeable parts for a razorback), a termie team with missile launcher, a full fledge assault team, a dev squad and enough parts to mix and match to produce a jet pack Captain and an jet pack Chaplain, a space marine rhino pilot objective marker as show below.
The objective marker is my experiment of making an elaborated marker for each army to add some interest in the game, rather than just assigning a piece of terrain for the purpose, and in this case, an rhino pilot waiting to be rescued should be interesting, after all, how often do you see these guys out in the field anyway?
In my next phase of this army, I’ll be painting my landspeeders and 2 more vindicators and a drop pod. By tradition, 4th company has the most dread naughts in a chapter and I’ll definitely collect a few to complete the company display soon.