Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ultramarine Army List, 2000 pts

1 Captain Powersword, Artificier Armor, Jumppack-155pts

5 Terminators Assault cannon-230pts5
Sternguard Vet-2 Meltaguns, 1 melta bomb, 3 Combi Melta, Drop Pod, locator beacon - 200pts

10 Tactical Squad-Missile Launcher, Flamer, Rhino, Extra Armor-220pts
10 Tactical Squad-Missile Launcher, Flamer, Rhino, Extra Armor-220pts
10 Tactical Squad-Missile Launcher, Flamer, Rhino,-205
10 Scouts - Tellion, Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter&Hellfire Rounds-200

10 Assault Marines-Flamer, Powerweapon-215pts

2 Vindicator-Dozer Blades, Extra Armor-270pts
1 Whirlwind-85pts

Total 2000pts on the dot

Captain&Assault Marines - Again, the captain is meant to be grouped together with the assault squad, bearing 9 power-weapon strike, 24 normal S4 on the charge and a flamer to soften the target a bit. They'll be more for harassing and crowd control... these guys should be able to deal with some MEQ and hordes...

Troops Tactical Marine and Vindicator - These guys will be spearheading the attack from the deployment zone, 3 rhinos and 2 vindicator shoulder to shoulder while the assault marines and the captain takes cover from them, following from the rear... Death shall be quick and messy, the tactical will be targetting the mass and horde and in the same time occupy objectives while the vindicator takes out just about anything...

Troops Scout with Tellion - I'm really looking forward to test him out. Conferring a higher BS to the sniper team, hoping to take down some independant characters or real tough opponents, and he has special rules on wounds allocation.... hellfire rounds comes with the bolter too....

Terminators, Sternguard with Drop Pod - the least sure unit here, I kinda tone them down abit and expect this setup to do the job. while the rest of the force moves forward, Drop pod comes down to a key target or zone, get melted. hopefully both the sterguard unit AND the Pod survive and next turn, BANG terminator 6" away to continue to wreck havoc. I expect these 2 units to work together for each other survivability, as I'm really looking at these 2 unit as one (I mean the guys from the First Company HAS to show the rest how it is done, right? I mean their reputation depends on it!) at least until their objective is met. they'll be looking into MEQ, armor and key targets...

Whirlwind. Long range suppress fire...

Well, I'm hoping for more comments to refine the list. It's just occur to me that the marine army would end up with a very 'clean' list and each unit has to be purposeful and each unit assign to its job really has to get the job done. There's not much redundancies except for the tactical squads. Also, I was kinda suprised at how cheap certain vehicles are compared to infantry equivalent and many stuffs are 'built in' already into the points it begin with. unlike other races where everything else has to be purchased. With 6 vehicles now, let's hope they can attract some attention...


  1. Seigeshields over dozerblades. If you are trying to line up 5 tanks near each other someone will have to go through the terrain. Nothing hurts like double 1's leaving your vindi 1 inch out of range from the enemy monolith.

    I would also get a missile launcher instead of the heavy bolter for the scouts. For when the enemy is mech (like waveserpents where you get no rending for snipers) a BS 6 missile could be handy.

    A little more variation in the tac squads. Probably not a heavy bolter but maybe a multimelta instead of 1 missile.

  2. Hey thanks, yeah those points does make sense. just that i need to work on some of the points management..

  3. Looks like a refined list to me. Would love to crush it under hoof of Battlesuits (he he). That drop pod unit could cause some serious mayhem but as a commander, I wouldn't expect it to live long. I think the hellfire rounds should stay, but I do see Side Streakers point, but that unit could take out monstrous creatures and high toughness units with extreme prejudice.

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